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Business feedback on the upcoming overhaul of the Downtown Mall

Posted by lbanner on January 18, 2008

Brian Wheeler posts on the Charlottesville Tomorrow blog about MyDowntownMall.com, the City of Charlottesville’s website related to the upcoming overhaul of the pedestrian Downtown Mall.

He notes the City’s release of their Business Impact Survey Report [January 15 – PDF] — highlighting the following comments from restaurants and art galleries found within the report:

  • “Everything and everyone comes through the front door: people, deliveries and trash. If the mall is disrupted in front of us, we will close.”
  • “Any disruption or closure of the patios will hurt us. Also, any loss of electric or gas for any amount of time.”
  • “The loss of the patio in the spring or summer will kill our business.”
  • “If they disrupt 5th Street, we are screwed.”
  • “We need to have a strong public relations campaign to combat negative media attention.”

The Downtown Mall reconstruction is expected to start no sooner than January 2009. If you have comments or feedback for the City on this plan and process, you can make your thoughts known here. Links for their On-Line Survey and Business Impact Survey are still available as well.


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