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Entrepreneurs: The “hot list” for 2008

Posted by lbanner on November 28, 2007

Entrepreneur Magazine has posted their 2008 Hot List, their “crystal ball” on the hottest industries predicted for 2008. The article is a bit cumbersome to get through on-line. But if you are a trend-watcher and/or would-be entrepreneur, then you may well find the data interesting and potentially valuable. Authors interviewed industry experts on where they think their particular industry will be strong. Areas covered range from “food & beverage” to “tech,” “boomers” to “kids.” The hot list indicates how many years running certain categories have been on the list. Two industries noted as “new” on the hot list for 2008, Green Business Services and Solar Energy Products.


One Response to “Entrepreneurs: The “hot list” for 2008”

  1. DBonham said

    We are looking at focusing on an entrepreneurial infusion at our school for next year and it’s great to see what is hot for the future, especially in technology.

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